Let's continue as the Church

(even as we are away from the building)

These are different days in which we are currently living.  Though our meeting times and locations are different for a season, we still stand firm in our faith as the body of Christ.  Let us use this opportunity to grow and seek the Lord together.  Remember, the church is not a building, it is a people!  We remain the church, even when not at the church.  While we continue to adjust to this new normal for a time, below you'll find some ways to remain connected and growing as a follower of Jesus. 

You will find discussion guides for The Gathering.  Though we aren't sharing a meal here, you can still use these guides for family discussion or pick up a phone and walk through it with a friend.  Share a discussion with your neighbor.  Use it for your own devotion. 

We are going to continue our Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study. Bro. John will upload the teaching each Wednesday for you to follow along and provide a link where you can join the study and is currently working on a way where you can comment and participate in the discussion as we go. 

FBCH has amazing Sunday School teachers!  You know how blessed we are here with men and women committed to teaching God's Word.  Starting March 29, every Sunday we will make available our weekly Sunday School lesson, taught by one of your Sunday School teachers.

We live in a day where technology allows us to connect to one another like never before.  We are going to utilize it for God's glory!  Let's make the most of this season and grow like never before.  God is good!  He is faithful yesterday, today, and forever!